Haverlee Photography

a storyteller with a camera


I will never take for granted the gift that is showing people how beautiful they really are. 

A little bit about me


Hello, lovelies. I’m Haverlee (hay-verlee), single mama of three wild things, adventure seeker, and photographer. My photography career was birthed from a lot of years of pain. My life derailed and it felt crippling. The more difficult things became in my circumstances, the more I clung to small moments of beauty. When things felt dark, I tried to cling to light. And I could always find light in people and in nature. Focusing on others instead of my own dark days brought me joy every time without fail. 


I always knew I was creative but it took me a while to find my niche! As I ventured further into photography, it felt like everything fell into place. It was as if I already knew the language, I just had to find the words. 


I am passionate about people and their stories. I love having a glimpse into someone's heart and mind and many of my clients feel like friends by the end. I want to draw out what it is you love about your partner, your child, or even yourself. Each session is personal and important to me. I strive to make everyone comfortable in front of my lens and we will work together to create natural, heartfelt images that represent whatever season of life you may be in. Life is never a straight uphill climb. Those valleys are just as much a gift to us, if not more so. They stretch us and give us new eyes to see and softer hearts. I want to capture whatever beauty and light there is in this season for you.

Midwest based. Open (and eager!) for travel.


Due to the tragic and sudden loss of a spectacular life, my previous web site was lost. 

There are far more pressing matters to keep us up at night than a web site. 

This'll do just fine while a new site is under construction. 

Pretty things coming in 2019.